Learn how to design and plan a brand shoot that is going to tell your story and elevate your brand, in my 1-hour masterclass on Monday 4th October 2021.



You're less than happy with the images you have of you on your website.

You have little to no images of you working and showing the behind the scenes.

You wouldn't know where to begin to plan a brand shoot, or at least a successful one.

You would love some professional images of you and your products or services.

You are fed up of seeing the same coffee shop and laptop shots.

You are running out of content for social media.

You want to learn how to tell your story and your values through your imagery.

You would love to learn how to create a brand shoot to relaunch your website.

You want more confidence in your work.

You want to learn the whole process of planning a shoot for yourself.

You want to elevate your brand through the imagery that you create.


Beautiful Content

Having a beautiful bank of imagery to use on your website and social media channels, because you have learnt how to go about designing and planning a brand shoot the right way, and how to make the most out of it for your brand.

Your Story

Learning the art of storytelling through your brand shoot, and how to incorporate it into the images that you are having taken, telling how you've got to where you are today and showing your values through them too.

Dream Clients

Capturing those elusive dream clients by showing them the face behind your brand, building up the know-like-trust factor and wowing them with imagery that aligns with them as individuals, building a desire to work with you.


Join me live on Monday 4th October at 8pm GMT+1 where I will be teaching you my signature process for creating brand shoots from the heart. Learn how to capture your story through your brand photography, show your values and appeal to your dream clients. To ultimately elevate your content and your whole brand.


Here is what we will cover...

GOAL SETTING: We’ll start by looking into the clear goals you need to set before you begin the design and planning process and why you need to set them. These may be different to what you expect.

STORYTELLING: Now it's time for my favourite part - storytelling. I will talk you through how I have made this a signature part of my process, allowing the whole shoot to be more successful and to resonate with your dream clients.

MOODBOARDING: The bit that everyone loves, but let's learn how to do it the right way. I'll talk you through how you create a moodboard, or moodboards, that are going to be the start of the most successful of brand shoots.

DESIGN BRIEFS: The design brief is so important to set the tone and vision to your vendor team. Learn how I create my design briefs with pure intention and consideration, and see examples.

THE PLANNING: Once you have your design brief, you need to plan how you are going to make it a reality. I will share how, if you get this right, the shoot itself will be so much easier than you're expecting.

EXECUTION: The final thing that I will cover is to provide lots of tips and information on how to execute the shoot and to make it run as smoothly as possible, giving you the outcome you desire. Plus we will cover how to use your images.


Here's what Mwai Yeboah of Exalt Africa & Love From Mwai has to say about working with me...

"Amy’s styling  reminds me of what the late Steve Jobs said 'Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.'.

What Amy touches comes to life, she breathes new life in her styling and design techniques. Hiring Amy is the best business decision I have ever made. Amy is talented, professional, creative and so much more.  She is always accessible, easy to work with and listens intently to my ideas and brings these to light through authentic visuals that are full of soul, a true representation of my brands, the story I want to tell and the connection I am looking for between my brand , the products and my clients.  She has such a remarkable gift of capturing the unique spirit of any given project you give her.

For every design or styling project I have worked on with Amy, she has  brought it to fruition. I can’t thank Amy enough for being a big part of my brand’s visual story and I am excited to continue working with Amy on future projects."


~ An hour's live session with me, plus Q&A time, where I will guide you through the signature process that I use for my clients, starting at the very beginning through to execution.

~ A behind the scenes of examples of moodboards, design briefs and my bespoke process.

~ In-depth knowledge from an expert on how to bring your stories into your brand shoots, curating them by heart and showing your values to your clients.

~ Actionable advice on how to create your own design brief to take it away and plan the shoot with consistency and intention.

~ Advice on how to use your images after the shoot and beyond on your website and social media.

~ An opportunity to tap into my expertise, at an accessible price point.

~ A chance to grow, elevate your portfolio and consistently show the work your clients want to see.


The truth is, I spent ten years doing a job I disliked because I didn't believe I was good enough for anything else. At the same time I adored everything creative in my personal life. Every spare moment away from work was spent exploring my passion for interior design, or dreaming up and creating perfectly styled tables for dinner parties.
It didn’t really occur to me that I could build a career from what I loved doing the most.

But then I got pregnant, and the way I was treated at work made me realise something had to give,
I couldn’t carry on in the same soul-sucking job. 

That’s when everything changed.

I took a leap of faith and began styling for weddings, events, and private parties. After learning things the tough way and making a lot of mistakes along the road, I’m now sharing with you how I built an instantly recognisable brand with a beautifully refined aesthetic that continuously captures those elusive ideal clients - and how you can too.

Lack of confidence and clarity held me back for so long. But once I looked inwards and re-worked all my processes, I had a successful brand working with my dream clients. My brand shoots played a huge part in that success, and I love creating them for my clients too, watching them use the images to elevate their brands and bring in their dream clients.


"The attention to detail when working with Amy is quite simply flawless - I  have learned to see more than just the beauty in everyday objects for which I am grateful for the pleasure of working with her. "


"From the start Amy took the time to get to know us and our businesses. She created design concepts for our brands that were elegant, timeless, personal and aspirational. Her ideas were beautifully and evocatively presented and she was kind and patient throughout, always open to our feedback and calmly guiding us where necessary."


"Amy was an absolute joy to work with. I was so confident that she would capture the vision I had for my brand, just due to her ability to tell a story through her own work. She far exceeded my expectations, and put together beautiful flatlays that truly elevated my brand."


Q. Will the masterclass be recorded?
A: Yes it will! I am holding the masterclass on Zoom, where I will record it and you will receive the link afterwards in a dedicated members' area that you will have life-long access to.

Q. Who is this masterclass suitable for?
A. It is suitable for all women in the creative industries, no matter what the nature of your business is. If you are looking to create that missing set of brand imagery to attract those ideal clients, then this is for you.

Q. Can I pay in installments?
A. No, it's just a one-off payment of £95, which is a one-time launch-offer and usual price will be £125.

Q. I'm new to business, is this right for me?
A. This is suitable for all levels of their business, but you will need to have an understanding of dream clients and who they are to you.

Q. I have some questions if this is right for me?
A. Feel free to email me on

Q. Can I get feedback on my design and planning following on from the masterclass?
A. Absolutely, you can book a Creative Consultation with me and I can personally work with you to elevate your brand shoot design
and plans. You can book by getting in contact




*usual price of £125